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Our range of textile products provide an assortment of performance enhancements including improved comfort, extended life expectancy, reduced energy consumption, and other characteristics depending on the needs of the application.

Positioned according to their end use, our textile coatings are sold under several brands depending on the market and desired characteristics.

Textile Coatings and Treatments
  • EterniTex products are customized coatings that can be applied to rope/cord braids, strands or fibres, netting, and belting products,
  • EterniTex products are commonly applied to UHMWPE, LCP, or Aramid substrates
  • EterniTex products are liquid coatings that can improve the life of a rope through improved CBOS performance, can increase the traction of HMPE ropes, or can be customized for your application’s requirements
  • EterniTex products can extend the life of a net by reducing picking, and can extend the life of a belt while reducing energy consumption

We supplies BlisterGuard® and FFT® (Friction Free Technology) yarns which are specifically designed to bring outstanding comfort to athletic and health socks, sports bras, compression garments, and hosiery.

BlisterGuard® and FFT® (Friction Free Technology) yarns:
  • BlisterGuard and FFT yarns are finished to improve the comfort of the garments into which they are knit or woven
  • Coated yarns are available in filament and spun yarn constructions, in nylon and polyester
  • Wrapped and custom yarn constructions can also be supplied to meet end-use requirements.
  • BlisterGuard and FFT yarns are available in various natural and synthetic fibres, as filament and spun yarns, and can be available in practically any colour you need

BlisterGuard and FFT yarns make garments easier to put on and remove. When knit into athletic or compression socks, sports bras, or other tight-fitting apparel, they reduce chaffing, hot spots, and blistering where repeated rubbing occurs.

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