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Specialty Industrial

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Specialty Industrial

Whitford’s high-performance coatings can be found in many market sectors – wherever a functional or protective coating is required the chances are you will find a Whitford coating!

Garden Tools

Whitford’s Xylan0 coatings offer many benefits for all types of garden tools. These include making cutting easier, keeping blades sharper longer, corrosion resistance, reducing “snagging”, extending service life and improving eye appeal at point of sale.

Xylan®coatings solve problems for:

  • lopper blades
  • pruners
  • hand trowels
  • saw blades

Whitford offers a wide range of Xylan coatings for all types of molds and materials, designed to simplify and make more efficient the manufacture of many different kinds of products.

Whitford coatings have superb release, outstanding abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance. Typical materials coated include PET, carbon fiber, glass, rubber, and polyurethane.

Whitford coatings solve problems for:

  • tires
  • foods
  • belts
  • auto headliners
  • shoes
  • cutting disks
  • packaging

Whitford offers a range of powder coatings that can be applied economically in greater thicknesses for increased durability.

Xylan PFA+ and FEP+ can be applied over a water- or solvent-borne primer, offering superior release and excellent smoothness as well as outstanding resistance to permeation.


Whitford has developed specialty Xylan coatings for use in the demanding reprographic industry. These coatings offer many benefits for fuser rollers in copiers and laser printers. These include:

  • superior toner release
  • dissipating static electricity
  • extending service life

With raw material costs continuing to rise within the Waterworks industry, fasteners coated with Whitford’s Xylan coating range offer significant cost reductions, especially compared to stainless steel.

Xylan® coatings offer many benefits including:

  • resistance to rust/corrosion and galvanic corrosion
  • controlled torque
  • easy removal of nuts
  • UV stability
  • resistance to hot soil

If you’re looking for our applications, check them out here!

For more information on our involvement within various Industrial sectors, or if you have a query on an industry area not listed above, contact your local Whitford representative or take a look at our Literature.

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