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Friction Modification

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Friction Modification

Friction occurs when two surfaces slide against one another, measured by the amount of drag (force) that takes place. Friction causes heat, wear and loss of energy in dynamic applications. In severe circumstances friction can cause overheating and seizure. Through the application of Whitford’s coatings, these coefficients of friction can measure as low as 0.02.

Xylan® coating range offer lubrication without the need for additional oils and greases. Forming a solid film over the component, Whitford’s coatings reduce friction and wear by preventing direct contact between mating parts. Coating performance depends upon the specific lubricant used.

High-performance fluoropolymer coatings are remarkable low-friction, dry-lubricant materials that combine the capabilities of two types of “engineering plastics”. Fluoropolymers, with the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid, are combined with high-temperature organic polymers to provide a unique and highly versatile combination of properties.

Originally, low-friction solids were used for applications where sliding parts were heavily loaded, infrequently lubricated or operated at high temperatures. As friction modification coatings have developed, other properties have been designed in — including outstanding corrosion resistance. Today, when mechanical parts operate under a range of conditions, the Xylan coating range not only offers protection from friction but also a range of other properties as required in various markets

Most low-friction coatings cannot survive or adapt to the changing parameters of hostile environments. Whitford’s friction modification coatings respond to changing conditions, maintaining all necessary properties.

Coatings with friction modification properties have many advantages:
  • Maintain component properties under extreme conditions
  • Consistent friction coating performance whilst maintaining other functions such as abrasion, wear and exposure to corrosive environments, etc.
  • Maintain component longevity under duress and exposure
  • Efficiency of coating and component performance
  • Friction performance adapts under extreme temperature ranges
Friction modification coatings have benefits for and are sold into various markets:
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Others: Aerospace, Construction, Chemical Processing

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