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Our work within the energy marketplace has evolved over recent years to focus on the generation of Renewable energy.

Renewable energy forms part of our global approach to reducing carbon emissions, through marine (offshore wind, wave, tidal lagoon or tidal stream), or land-based (solar, thermal, biomass, hydro & onshore wind) energy generation.

Both offshore and onshore energy generation techniques have to withstand harsh environmental conditions that Xylan range of coatings are positioned to provide solutions for.

In harsh marine environments, corrosion is a major contributor to energy generation downtime. Xylan coatings protect against corrosion and have positive impacts in various ways; increasing uptime, reducing maintenance and continuing regular energy generation from the wind, tidal and wave sources.

As numerous components remain subject to continuous movement or need to work once every number of years’ abrasion resistance and long-term dry-film lubrication are key. The Xylan coating range has had and continues to have excellent performance capabilities when measured against these criteria.

Land energy generation, whilst not operating under as harsh conditions as faced in offshore environments, still encounters problems with corrosion, abrasion and long-term dry-film lubrication. Although slower in progression, the issues are just as inhibiting to the optimization of energy generation and in this area, Whitford continues to assist renewable energy generation with the same vigour as offshore renewables.

In both offshore and onshore settings, our coating ranges deliver low lifecycle costs to retain the constant local cost of energy delivered to the final client.

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